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I have developed a workout routine for explosive power hitting, through speed and weight percentages.


Most workout supplements do not work, here are some of my favorites that do.







We do reviews on senior softball bat and give you our   honest opinion.  

Senior Softball Ba​t Review



1 Suncoast 12" Melee Max

2 Adidas Melee Two-Piece 12'

3 DeMarini Denny  Crine

4 Miken JB 12"

5 Demarini Larry Carter

6 Dudley Nifong

​7 Dudley Mccarron

8 Dudley Mastery

9 Suncoast 13" 

10 Worth AT18

​11 Worth Marauder XXL

12 2020 Miken Maxload

13 2020 Miken Bigcat 

14 2020 Easton Ron Parnell 

Proper Hitting Grips

Demarini Larry Carter   


2020 Easton Ronni

2020 Elite Onyx's

2020 Dudley Two piece


2021 Demarini Balance

My Top 10

DeMarini Denny Crine 

Tapping a Softball Bat


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Choosing  a  bat  is  a  formula,   Not  what  fits  your  swing 

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